So Close!!

I have been promising an update for awhile…I am sorry about the delay. I feel like the closer to opening we get, the longer my “to-do” list gets! You would not believe how far our little dairy barn-turned bakery has come and how close we are to being able to share it with all ofContinue reading “So Close!!”

The Light At the End of the Tunnel…

We are almost there!!!! I know so many of you are anxious to come visit me at the bakery, and I cannot wait for you to be able to! In the meantime, here are some updated pictures of the our progress. The logo on the front of the building is finished and is amazing thanksContinue reading “The Light At the End of the Tunnel…”

What a Difference Fresh Paint Makes!

Seriously…..fresh paint is like a miracle cure! It truly feels like a fresh start. I love painting a room a new color or bringing a piece of forgotten furniture back to life with a new hue. Well, that is exactly what happened with this old barn. I could feel the difference with the new ceilingContinue reading “What a Difference Fresh Paint Makes!”

Windows, Ceilings & doors, oh my!

The bakery is really starting to take shape! It is crazy how quickly it is changing these days! All of the windows are installed along with the doors. The doors have not been finished yet and the windows are getting some very pretty accessories soon as well. My favorite feature so far is the woodContinue reading “Windows, Ceilings & doors, oh my!”

Starting to sparkle…

What a difference a floor makes! I can’t believe how different the building looks, now that the the floor has been poured! I can truly picture the kitchen installed, ready to serve up some tasty treats, and the beautiful shop front where I hope to welcome all of you often. Along with the floor, progressContinue reading “Starting to sparkle…”

One Step Closer!

Things are coming along at the bakery storefront on the farm! We have an amazing contractor that can totally see my vision and has been working tirelessly despite the delays and difficulties that working during a pandemic can impose. (So, the next time you need a contractor, make sure you call Jonathan Young with TraditionsContinue reading “One Step Closer!”

“Baking” Progress…

The building is starting to move along. The demo is now complete (although it looked like it had been demo’ed before we started!).  All of the windows and doors have been removed, the inside of the building has been power washed and sanitized, and the floors have been cut to install the drains for theContinue reading ““Baking” Progress…”