“Baking” Progress…

The building is starting to move along. The demo is now complete (although it looked like it had been demo’ed before we started!).  All of the windows and doors have been removed, the inside of the building has been power washed and sanitized, and the floors have been cut to install the drains for the plumbing. Permits are pulled and temporary electric is ready to go! The outside area still looks like a jungle and is a constant struggle to try to clean up amidst the rain and constant tractor malfunctions, but we are making progress.

Once the power washing was complete, it revealed a beautiful set of rafters in the milking parlor (soon to be customer area) and shiplap ceiling in the milk vat room (soon to be kitchen). Oh, how I wish I knew some of the stories of things that happened in this building.

I pray this building becomes a place for community to catch up while they enjoy a special treat…a place families come to celebrate accomplishment, both big and small.


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