What a Difference Fresh Paint Makes!

Seriously…..fresh paint is like a miracle cure! It truly feels like a fresh start. I love painting a room a new color or bringing a piece of forgotten furniture back to life with a new hue. Well, that is exactly what happened with this old barn. I could feel the difference with the new ceiling and doors, but that clean slate full of new possibilities really came through when the new paint and stain went on this week! It is so close to truly becoming my vision!

The roof got a fresh coat of charcoal gray while the walls, inside and out, got a crisp white paint job. My favorite part is the new ceiling and counters with their beautiful stain. Jonathan, our contractor, and his crew have done such an amazing job on the all of the woodwork and details in this bakery.

Next up, a pop of color on the front of the counter…..the kitchen and bathroom are going to start taking shape, staining the eaves and door, and landscaping. You will also want to stay tuned to a surprise coming very soon! I am about to bust about that!

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