One Step Closer!

Things are coming along at the bakery storefront on the farm! We have an amazing contractor that can totally see my vision and has been working tirelessly despite the delays and difficulties that working during a pandemic can impose. (So, the next time you need a contractor, make sure you call Jonathan Young with Traditions Construction!)

The current concrete floor has been cut to allow for the rough plumbing and drains to be installed. The rough electrical has been done as well. The windows went in yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited about that. It really makes it start to feel like something other than a barn! Did you notice the walk up window? (Right now, it is more of a “walk under” window though.) The fun part will be happening soon…when it starts to come together. Right now, it still looks so very rough, but I can see the sparkle starting to emerge.

I truly can’t wait for you to be able to stop by and grab a cinnamon roll and catch up….or buy a cupcake for someone special on your way home.

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