So Close!!

I have been promising an update for awhile…I am sorry about the delay. I feel like the closer to opening we get, the longer my “to-do” list gets! You would not believe how far our little dairy barn-turned bakery has come and how close we are to being able to share it with all of you!

Jonathan is finishing up the little things over the next week or two that he is responsible for and now, it is my turn! We are still waiting on the final plumbing fixtures (sinks & toilets) to be installed. We are working hard to get the kitchen situated and organized so I can start baking from there soon. I am hoping to announce an opening date and grand opening celebration date ASAP…so stay tuned!

The great news…..we have a parking lot!!!! I never thought I would be so excited to see gravel in my life! We have a lot of landscaping to do and final touches, but it amazing to see it taking shape. The Iron Brush Mural ladies are back this week too….you won’t want to miss those updates!

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