Starting to sparkle…

What a difference a floor makes! I can’t believe how different the building looks, now that the the floor has been poured! I can truly picture the kitchen installed, ready to serve up some tasty treats, and the beautiful shop front where I hope to welcome all of you often. Along with the floor, progress has been made on filling in all of the holes and cracks in the block walls where time has taken its toll, and the doorways are awaiting the new doors.

We took a family work day to clear all of the vines and trees that were encroaching on the building. It is amazing how much bigger and better it looks! Once the cracks and holes are completely filled in, it will be ready to be sealed and painted a fresh coat of sparkling white!

We have big plans for each end of the building, the one facing the road and the one with the entrance door! Ssshhh….it is a secret for now, but we will be unveiling that surprise soon.

Enjoy the progress pictures….and dream along with me, won’t you?!

One thought on “Starting to sparkle…

  1. Looks absolutely amazing!!! I know this place will be something amazing and special!! You already have the amazing foundation and not just the physical structure but also the amazing foundation of Journey Farm’s people and delicious goodies!

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