Moving Forward…

It has been way too long since my last post. I promise to try to do better! The journey (pun intended) to taking our next steps on the farm has been one filled with obstacles! Our original vision for the farm was to open it up to the public as an event venue with an additional focus on farm education and community involvement. However, life and finances dictated otherwise.

Baking has always been my love language. So, in an effort to spread the word about our farm and generate some extra money to realize our vision, I started selling my baked goods at the local Lascassas Farmers Market every Saturday. 3 years later, what started as a side note has now become our farm’s main focus. We could have never imagined how much everyone would love my goodies or how much the farmers market family would become just that, “family”. The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways. When our original vision got filed into the “nearly impossible” file, along came the idea of renovating the old dairy barn into a bakery/farm store to facilitate the growing business. We found a contractor that didn’t think we were completely insane and could see the same vision for this dilapidated shell of a building and now we are off and running.

Initially, our vision for this building is a place for our baked goods and farm products to be available during the week to better serve our current customers and hopefully attract new customers that aren’t available to visit the market on Saturdays. But, I have so many ideas for the future that include community events, a space for small gatherings and opportunities for farm education and experiences. We also plan on the grounds being pet friendly since we are large supporters of animal rescue.

I am so excited to see where this journey takes us and I hope that all of you will be along for the ride!

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