The Light At the End of the Tunnel…

We are almost there!!!! I know so many of you are anxious to come visit me at the bakery, and I cannot wait for you to be able to!

In the meantime, here are some updated pictures of the our progress. The logo on the front of the building is finished and is amazing thanks to The Iron Brush Mural ladies! Stay tuned this Fall to another addition to the building that they will also be orchestrating! The floors have been finished along with the beautiful counter for both the customers and all of our yummy goodies. I can’t say thank you enough to my parents for coming up last week to not only help me finish the floors, but to install the unique light fixtures. The HVAC was installed (Praise Jesus!) so we will no longer have to suffocate while we are there. Lastly, the shutters have gone up and they are the icing on the cake! (pun intended)

Now, we wait. We wait for the septic to finally get installed, wait for the plumbing fixtures to go in, wait for the parking lot to be finished, and wait for the appliances to be delivered. These are all things that have been delayed due to the ongoing COVID issues that have taught me extreme patience. (Or at least, made me acknowledge that I need more of it.)

I am praying for an October opening. I can’t say dates yet since the above things have no dates attached to them yet. I have some awesome Fall and Christmas events planned that you will be hearing about soon, and you will not want to miss them! I hope you love this place as much as I do. It has certainly been a labor of love….for everyone involved.

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