Welcome to Journey Farm!

While the location, “Journey Farm”, is just getting started, it’s story began long before. We have always been a farming family at heart. I (Shawna) grew up on my grandparents’ beef farm in Ohio, and Jason was thrown into it the minute that he declared his love for me. We had always toyed with the idea of owning our own farm, but his job initiated three moves while the kids were young, and we landed in middle Tennessee (which immediately felt like home). When we stumbled on this property, it immediately felt right and we just knew there was a connection. We were in search of a simpler life more connected to nature and our food, so we purchased the property and set out to build our home and a life there.

As we began this journey, we sensed a calling to share this life with our community. We want to be good stewards of the land and raise animals and produce without hormones or interference. There have been so many lessons of love, family, simple pleasures, and community that we have learned from this way of life that we have a heart to share with everyone we know or will come to know. We also have a sincere passion for giving people the opportunity to experience what farm life is like and what is involved in raising the food they buy everyday. We would love to spark others’ interest in farming, even if it is in a “backyard” capacity or simply help them appreciate the hard work that goes into it.

We don’t exactly know yet what Journey Farm will look like as we evolve our passion and God’s purpose into a clear vision of our life here or how we will share it with you. However, we feel strongly that families are longing to experience life at a slower pace during a simpler time, even if just for an afternoon. We will continue to strive to make our home a place of community that we can open up to all of you. Please continue to follow our Journey, and we look forward to meeting you all soon at Journey Farm.

“It’s the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”
~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

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